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Business Meeting


Preparing Your Team for Success


One-Hour Workshops are designed to provide your organization with an overview of the current economic climate. This includes a presentation on the key trends and developments in the areas of business attraction, site selection, economic competitiveness and the economy at-large. In addition, the One-Hour Workshop allows your associates to ask our experts questions that are relevant to their economic development activities.


Two-Hour Workshops include the presentation and Q&A aspects of the One-Hour Workshops. In addition, they include roundtable discussions between your organization and ISA Economic Development that are designed to discuss the key challenges and opportunities facing your economic development activities, and to allow our experts to provide feedback on your plans for achieving your economic development goals.


Four-Hour Workshops are the most extensive workshops provided by ISA Economic Development Consulting. Not only do they provide your organization with the presentations, Q&A and roundtable discussions of our shorter workshops, but they also enable your associates to spend more time learning from our experts about the key issues and trends that will impact the economy of your location, both in the near-term and the long-term.

Through the Glass


With ISA Economic Development Consulting's workshops, your entire organization will have the opportunity to learn from our experts about the trends and developments that will influence your economic development efforts in the coming years. This will enable your location to be better prepared than its competitors for these changes, giving you the opportunity to attract more high-value business, investment and talent.


ISA Economic Development Consulting's workshops are a very cost-effective way to help your location increase its tax revenues while putting your location on much firmer economic footing over the long-term. Furthermore, our workshops allow your employees to be aware of the opportunities and risks that they will face in the field of economic development, thus improving the productivity, skills and knowledge base of your economic development team.

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