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ISA Economic Development Consulting has over two decades of experience helping local, state and national governments to achieve their economic development and business attraction goals. With clients all around the world, ISA Economic Development Consulting plays a key role in helping a wide variety of organizations to improve their location's near-term and long-term economic outlooks.

As one of the world's leading strategic consulting and benchmarking firms, ISA Economic Development Consulting brings a vast amount of expertise to its clients, enabling them to develop effective strategies that allow them to improve their economic competitiveness and to attract more business, investment and talent to their locations.

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President and Founder

Michael Weidokal is the president and founder of ISA Economic Development Consulting, a member of the ISA group of companies that he founded in 2003. With over 25 years of experience in the fields of economic forecasting and economic development consulting, Michael has helped local, state and national governments to understand the complexities of economic development activities in the 21st century, while allowing them to gain critical advantages over their competition, enabling them to attract more business and investment to their locations.

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